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While some people refuse to wear a seat belt because it is uncomfortable, others choose safety over comfort. Now with our Seat Belt Adjuster, you don’t have to choose safety or comfort, because you can have both. The Comfortable Seat Belt Clip allows you to use your seat belt, without constantly struggling to find a safe fit, while keeping it from irritating your neck, wrinkling your clothes or pulling uncomfortably at you. Our Seat Belt Clip is easy to use, easy to install and works on ANY vehicle. Unlike seat belt pads or seat belt covers, ours doesn’t use a bulky pad or covering which can end up bothering your neck and wrinkling your clothes, just as much as the seat belt, itself. Seat belt covers that add padding between you and the seat belt don’t prevent the seat belt from putting pressure on you and rubbing on your neck.

It is a fact that seat belts save lives, and, as of 2013, every state except New Hampshire has some form of a seat belt law requiring the use of safety belts by some or all passengers in the vehicle. The majority of states have primary enforcement laws, which means the police can pull you over for simply not wearing a seat belt. In order to comply with the law, remain safe and have comfort, you can use our seat belt locking clip with confidence. Since the Comfortable Seat Belt Clip works with any vehicle and is easy to install, you never need to worry about a seat belt irritating you, again.

Our Seat Belt Clip is adjustable for every person using it, so, if a small person sits in the seat first, then a large person is next, with a simple slide of the button, you can re-adjust the belt so that there is a half-inch to an inch of slack, making the belt legal, safe, and comfortable. Our seat belt adjuster is a versatile solution for every passenger or driver who rides in your vehicle. What’s more, you can use the Comfortable Seat Belt Clip with peace of mind knowing that it is 100% American made quality.

The Seat Belt Clip

Seat Belt Clip

Easy to install!

Here’s a picture of our Comfortable Seat Belt Clip, illustrating how simple it is to install. They’re safe to use, and will keep the belt off your neck, giving some slack between you and the strap.

If you have an annoying seat belt, or if your seat belt is too tight, our Seat Belt Clip is the perfect solution for you.

Our Seat Belt Adjuster makes you more comfortable and makes you legal. If your state has a seat belt law, then there’s nothing stopping the police from pulling you over and giving you a ticket, if you’re not wearing your seat belt. So, play it safe, play it smart, and drive comfortably without the strain, stress and hassle of that constant seat belt pull.

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